a tip about players 2000~2200

You need win two types of person:

1) a normal guy who try make the best move and try create attacks or defenses
2) a cowardly guy who is unable to accept a draw R + K vs. R + K and try to win on time

Dont forgot that, dont lost time thinking a educated draw was the more honest and fair finish after a tough battle. That guy is not thinking about it, he wants rating points and if the site allowed K vs K he will play this with you instead of accepting draw.

I do not blame them for this, but I blame myself for being so naive ... And I hope others like me understand this, they will NOT draw. This is like a defeat for them because they believe they should have beat you in the clean game but as it did not happen it seems they can convince the walls of the room that beat you after forcing you to make 100/150 moves depending on the position in 30 40 seconds means theys really won that game...

Do not worry, they know that you are innocent and that you do not note the use of time in that situations. Against others of their kind they do not try this because theys dont lost time asking for draw....

In short: dead draw? start play the more fast you can, man, dont exist draw by mutual according! I think titled players are more educated, I did see they draw by mutual according and play rematch like two gentlemans...

like examples: <-- two educated guys, know bishops oppostite colors is draw.... <-- a arrogant guy with white pieces, who know that was draw, but know people like me cant make 100 or 150 moves in 40 seconds...

PS: that checkmate I did see, ok? I knew I was lost because I cant make premoves because I know that kind of person will go sacrifice something in some moment, like bullet players...

PS2: the second guy had 2200+

Maybe, we start with a drawn position, and then one side wins, because the other side is not able to make 50 or 100 moves in the given time. So every winner is arrogant?

There are two types of people: the ones who use increment and the ones who don’t (and whine in forums)

@Sarg0n You are right!

in the last months in my return to chess my rating increased from 1600\1700 to 1900\2000, and that new 'field' are too much competitive. But I never was a guy who like play in any sport in too competitive atmosphere... Play in that level make me sad, is not fun, is no relax.... I think I should give up chess... Increment dont change too much, I still can 'feel' that will power from my opponents trying win at any coast... My level is not that where players dont care too much about results..

And that is because I'm not playing more in, there the competitive atmosphere is MUCH MORE HIGHER than lichess... (maybe a american costume!?)

I don't get your point.

Your opponent had 29 seconds left and you had 65. That is more than twice his time and more than ONE THIRD of your total time(!). If you think you cannot play properly with one minute left, why do you play 3+0 in the first place, a time control where you can expect to go below one minute every second game at least?

Also, if you don't want to play competitively, why play rated?

chosing to enter such closed positions as in game 2 is asking for Seeschlangen ( games > 99 moves)

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