A new opening trap?

I suppose all "traps" involve some kind of mistake by the player getting trapped but this seems like more of a blunder than a trap.

@clutchnutz h6 is quite natural. Anyways, in the Halosar trap, what is the likelihood that black will play Qb4 after Qxd4 and let white set up the trap with queenside castling? Not that likely. But when black blunders in the Halosar Trap, it is a blunder and yet, this example I made, where black makes a blunder is not a trap? How does that make sense?

@MrBongcloud I don't see how h6 is natural with the king staring down the barrel of a rook attack. It seems far more natural to protect the exposed king. And like I said, all traps involve some kind of mistake. I suppose the difference between a trap and a blunder is a matter of degree?

It's interesting nonetheless. Thanks for sharing.

Also.. someone suggested king takes rook after Rd8+.. that's terrible idea because the queen is immediately forked with Nf7+

@clutchnutz #14 well it's not so "black and white" (pun intended :P) unless you thoroughly analyze it I can quite possibly see people play h6 in that situation especially in bullet/blitz or in lower elos

Because the king is not exposed as you claim the rook just has an open file and unless black wants to castle queen-side I think that the possibility of not giving much thought on blocking that file is real since if the rook checks the king one (again if not carefully analyzing that) would assume that worse case scenario is to exchange rooks (since upon Rd8+ the king can simply capture said rook, which allows a knight fork from white next move but also this has a drawback for white since the knight cant get out from the 8th rank at least with a quick thought on it and not a careful analysis + even if you dont like an exchange you can go e7 and keep the tension on both whites rook on d8 <-threatened to be capture by black's king, and simultaneously on white's knight in g5 <-threatened to be captured by pawn)

So yea it would't surprise me especially if a player is under 1700 not to put a priority on blocking the rook's access to d8 using the engine always makes things more profound... people can beat Carlsen when looking at the engine or make fun of his decisions because they have seen the engine analysis before hand...

but when you play on the board without engine assistance and with little time on the clock you suddenly are not so wise anymore :P I mean if we get real I bet that people here in this forum dont always find the checkmate with the first move on the captcha miniature :P it happened to me once or twice :P

99% of opening traps that you see on youtube and chess forums are always due to opponents not seeing 3 moves deep tactics.

In other words, if you train to see 3 moves deep tactics/ puzzles, you can prevent those cheap blunders.

@drmrboss got the reason; those so called traps are just consolidated in the imagination of few people because they cannot see three moves ahead so they think a succession of tricky moves is what GOT to happen necessarily in a game when there are alternative moves that would easily disrupt the trap.

no hate here, but play that opening 1000 times and see how often you get 2.c6

Looking at the lichess db by far the most common move is 2.dxe4