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  3. 960 Castling!

I really enjoy Fischer Random 960, but I have no idea how to castle! Can someone share some knowledge???

Here you are!
Best wishes.

Firstly you must look where your king would be in a classical chess game (e1 or e8), this will tell you which rook you use for long and short castling, your king and rook will always end up in the same position as If you had castled in a standard chess game. Then it s like a classical castling, make sure there are no pieces in the way when you castle and that the squares your king travels through are safe.

The explanation on the site needs to be fixed. The king winds up on the square it would after castling in standard chess, meaning g1 for kside and c1 for qside for White, and g8 and c8 for Black.

The description here oddly has c1 and f1 and the sides switched.

I‘m a 960 noob, in fact it‘s definitely not my beer. I wonder if castling can be a null-move?

@Sarg0n nope, thats not possible, you will always castle to the side where the rook stood (King will always jump over the rook).

For example Kh1/Rg1 results in Kc1/Rd1 (0-0-0) and Kg1/Rh1 results in Kg1/Rf1 (0-0).

Oh dear, castling is not that easy. Imagine Ra1, Kb1, Rc1.

First remove the Rc1 and then R+K move in the same direction... Because the c-castling is Kc1, Ra1-d1.

or in other words, if the rook is on the left side of the king it will be 0-0-0 and if the rook is on the right side it will be 0-0.

yes, the space inbetween needs to be free and not attacked by opp pieces.

Kh1/Rg1 results in no castling since the king must have moved (where was the right-side rook if the king started on h1?)

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