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  3. 2 bishop odds vs my 1500 friend

We just had a discussion about whether he would win against a GM in a 2 bishop odds game. I am sure that no need for a GM any 2200+ player can beat him easily. He thinks that he can even beat GMs.

As we are geniunely curious about the result, we need someone 2200+ willing to play him in a casual 3+2 game.

Will be looking forward to watching the game, thanks a lot in advance!

Here's a video of a GM repeatedly saccing his queen against lower rated players.

I've beaten players of chessbrah's opponents caliber down all of my queenside pieces. This isn't really a great feat, but just a pathetic boost in false glory.

Well, you can try against the machine all day, all night.

By the way, I cannot manage to win a blitz game against a top engine unleashed, being a piece up from start.

Sarg0n, you gotta unleash that piece man!