winning with the bongcloud I powerfully transposed from the scandinavian defense here. Probably one of the toughest bong cloud variations, but it's still much better for the bong cloud side. After e5 on move 4 I am in what I like to call the "Super Bong Cloud" it's when you play the bong cloud from the bong cloud... leaving you up one extra square making it that much more aggressive and powerful. My opponent attempted to break through my powerful attack by sacking two minor pieces and the queen. It was unfruitful for them as they had only been prepared for regular bong cloud theory and not the more advanced super bong cloud.

After they took the poisoned pawn on move 3 with their knight I knew they were done for. It was only a temporary sacrifice allowing me to win a knight back in exchange for the pawn on move 7 I offered a queen trade, and they declined it. I still have a forced checkmate if they accept the queen trade here, but it's not for about 25 more moves I think they saw that far ahead they were a crafty opponent. Playing e5 almost cost me my bishop and queen double attacking them both, but I found the only move out of danger. I had checkmate with the queen on e2, but I wanted to capture more enemy territory first. Mating with the queen on d1 was just a bit of showboating since they declined the earlier offer of a queen trade I went to their queens home for a mate instead.