winning with the bongcloud

@rickrenegade cause i need to grind you down lol if you win multiple games in a row against me you will gain too much momentum xD

the bongcloud needs to be played by more GM's in big tournies.

ikr, but it takes the fun out of games, as it is too OP.

I just realized, was my last move blundering my queen???? lol

@chess_king3 : Those aren't bongclouds.
In order for an opening to be a bongcloud, the king needs to move to e2 (as White) or e7 (as Black). the f2/f7 openings are known respectively as the Hammerschlag! and the Fried Fox Defense. They have completely different opening theory; for example, a Bongclouding player tends to want to use the King as an offensive weapon, while the Hammerschlag!ing king is used to support a wall of pawns. The Hammer! also is sharper and more theoretical than its e-file counterpart.

I just realized that 90% of this thread is Kf2/7 but using Bongcloud theory. As the world's leading hammerschlag theoretician, this sickens me.