What do you say about this game?

@tpr I agree, actually I got a really bad habit of playing short games, so I only play classical now , but that habit hasnt completely left
And about 11.Qf4, I saw that during analysis. I was very lucky he didnt see that

@lurarose same, I didnt see it immediately tho, I was about to do another move but then I saw it

You played the Urusov in classical! Respect

I say the game is full of blunders but nice double check checkmate in the end ... Well done ...

@Kiyomi_H Yeah lol, I dont know many openings(I only know the 4 knights and the urusov lol), I am only focusing on middlegame at this point. Should I learn more openings

There is no need to learn openings. Just slow down. Take your time to think.

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