The Herrstrom gambit 1.Nf3 g5!?

I hate boring opening so I've always struggled to spike things up against the tedious 1.Nf3. For a long time I was offering 1...e5!? but I wonder if instead I shouldn't give a flank pawn instead with 1...g5!?

I just had a nice win with it :

I like how White had to move his knight around while I was pushing pawns and gaining space.

Of course it's only for bullet or maybe blitz, but still I like it and will play it more.

Long live the Unorthodox Openings!
Glory to those who play the Crab (1.a4 e5 2.h4).
No more boredom and prepared homework!

Hey @Sarg0n ,
Relax and enjoy!
Play the Coca-Cola Gambit (1.g4 g5 2.f4) and learn the Ultimate Secret of Chess!!

@Fates2 you could also try the Wayward Queen Attack, Kiddie Countergambit!
And while we're at it, why not play the Fool's Mate? Leads to very decisive games with both colours! xD

Nothing satisfies me more than seeing 1. Nf3 scrubs getting demolished with unsound gambits :D.

3. d4 or d3 lmao White is a clear pawn ahead.
Unless this is a troll post, then, GO HERRSTROM !!!!!!!!!