Stunning Queen sac in move 9 in the KID

"A man who is brave enough to sacrifice a queen for a pair of bishops and a couple of pawns should not harbour any hope of becoming world champion" (Koltanowski, about Bronstein who said it was one of the nicest praise he ever received).

@Sarg0n Thanks for sharing !
To enable others to import the game into a Lichess study or watch it via Lichess, I've manually produced a pgn and imported it here :

Nice sacrifice. Black has full compensation but nothing more.

Still amazed how others can make definite assessments of the position after the sacrifice so easily...

Alas, engines will never tell you who has got the easier game speaking in human terms. The evaluation won’t tell.

The reason why I think that the position is good for Black is that a) The White pieces and structure are pretty terrible and the king has long term problems. And much more importantly b) Leela likes Black too and in such a position I'd trust a Leela eval way more than a SF one.

GM Dorfman commenting Altibox Norway on chess24 had a look at the position and said : "White cannot take on e3, so Black is better for structural reasons". Not counting Leela, MoistvonLipwig is definitely not alone on this topic :) .
In a position with such a material imbalance, I would gladly ask Komodo's opinion, but anyway I'll stick with GM Dorfman.

The KID is full of those Q vs. BB sacs. I remember at least 4.