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  2. Game analysis
  3. My Tal-Like OTB Draw in a won position With a Double Bishop Sacrifice.
White: 0/0/0, 24 ACPL
Black: 2/1/1, 40 ACPL
Unfortunately, I was in a terrible time trouble in the final position, and could not count the pieces in the position after 23.Rc3 Bg3 24. Rxg3 Qxg3 25. fxg3. Also I couldn't see that Rf4-h4 plan becomes possible after taking on g3 with the f- pawn.
Still, this was game was fun and exciting.

Share your thoughts !


pretty dank tbh

How did this end as a draw? Did you offer or accept a draw? Just 22 Rc3 is curtains. Even if youu have no time to calculate, it is the move to play.

Tal is sad. Sacrificing two bishops and making a draw...

I saw Rc3, but I had very low time and couldn't see that 25.fxg3 opens Rook's file and the b5 knight can not be captured. I calculated as it is taken and accepted the draw offer.

Do not accept draw offers. What would you have done if he had not offered you a draw? You would have had to play something anyway. Just ignore the draw offer and play as if the draw was not offered at all. In chess uncertainty is part of the game. Most of the time you cannot calculate everything to the end. You have to be confident in your ability and play the best move according to your judgement without knowing for sure.

Ja. Get over your fear to lose. Winning is much more fun then drawing, if you lose: so what?

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