Miss Click

I wanted f2 NOT f3 at move 31. I lost the queen then I lost the game. This is ludicrous. I was in position to win and this would NOT have happened in person. OF COURSE there is no way of getting the points back or game deleted because this website is unforgiving and completely ridiculous.

This situation would have happened in person. In a tournament, the points would have been taken away, and the game wouldn't have been deleted. The world is unforgiving. This site is a wonderful exception.

No it would not because I would not be using a mouse.

Mouseslips just come with the territory of playing online. Grit your teeth and play again. You'll win back the points you lost in time.

It happens, mate. The website can't do much for you--there's no way for them to tell if it's a mouse slip or a blunder. Worse blunders have happened over the board, so just throw your mouse against the wall in frustration like we all do :p, buy another mouse, and play again :)))

There are many instances of people making the wrong move without a mouse.
You really are complaining about the wrong move being made, as you can easily confirm all your moves, or just quit using the mouse. Don'd blame this web site for your irrational grievance.

If you actually spent time programming something on your own, you'd realise that the code can't be 'ridiculous'. It registers the input that you give it. If you accidentally click the wrong place that's on you. Not even sure why you've posted this? Get a new mouse, or play on a bigger screen, or carefully observe where you are moving the piece etc. I think you can even change it to 'confirm on move' in the settings?

Also, you were already losing position-wise, and the opponent had 3 minutes to your 45 seconds on the clock. (Although I do notice they are rated 1000 in bullet, so maybe they'd have started to play terribly?)

@Rapid167 Op was actually winning position-wise at move 30, considering he was 1 piece ahead against 1 pawn ("I wanted f2 NOT f3 at move 31"). That being said, imho this shouldn't let him complain about his own error

Use move-confirmation or just shut up.

Don’t play periods you cannot handle!

The only ridiculous thing on this website are these childish complaints. Don't play online chess if you can't deal with it.