Did you ever make 55 inaccuracies in 1 game ?

How can your AVG centipawn loss be 7 when you got 55 inaccuracies (=50 CP loss)?

Please note that Nakamura hurt feelings of computers and you hurt the feelings of a real person who is a beginner player. Also please note that Nakamura is in a terrible form right now! Same as you since you haven't played anyone rated 2300+ recently. It must be because you are afraid to lose games and rating points. Keep beating beginners. It makes you feel good. Sooner or later one of them will win a game against you. Then you will complain in the forums and close your account.

And just in case you were half serious :

When my opponents premove like crazy with a lone king, with only 30 to 60 seconds left, hoping for stalemate, while I still have several minutes, then I might take my time to ... search for a good checkmate :)

OP my grandfather used to tell me : the more is better

#6 consider them free lessons. One should learn when to resign, even a beginner.

I practiced to mate with three knights once, so I'm going to use this is in a similar situation ;)