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I made this puzzle (note that it is not real position :|) after 2 hours of analysing. It is confirmed by Stockfish so I think it is right.
White plays, checkmates in 5:
5b2/3p1P2/4pR2/1pP1P3/kPpPR3/npKPN3/ppbPpN2/rqnB4 w - - 0 1

btw can I ask you how I can import a diagram to the forum?

Obviously illegal position = uninteresting

it's really not that hard and quite obvious so i doubt you spent 2 hours on finding the solution (did it in 30 seconds)

Thank you for the puzzle! :) I liked it, but the reason why it is too easy is that it's about finding out one move that threatens checkmate in 1. The rest are just sacrifices by the opponent trying to delay the mate. So it's more like try to find mate in 2. Maybe you could change something so it's a "real" mate in 5 problem.

#4 I created the puzzle - I already knew the solution.