Can't Solve Chess Puzzle

I can't find the solution of a 1863 rated chess problem: .
I think the best move is 24. Qh8 but I'm not sure.
Can someone give me a hint or some help? It would be great!
Thank you,
p.s.: It's the puzzle of the day...

Had a quick glance, the solution is pretty straight-forward, isn't it? Take, take, check. 1-0

Oh yeah! Thank you! I have the solution: Rxd6 Qxd6 Rf7+ Kxf7 and Qxd6

Always think about forcing moves (captures, checks) first, especially when solving tactical exercises. Also check which pieces are pinned as it gets easier to understand why some moves are forcing and predictable (king has to retake or move away, because bishop is pinned).

Hi, I can't solve a chess puzzle again! ( )
It's a 1986 puzzle!
Can someone help me to find the solution with giving me a hint or some help? It would be great!
Thank you all,

@Stijn_B First it is obvious that Qxh7 gets 2 free pawns (h7 & g7) and forces the black king out - there are a lot of forcing moves. Like I said: Watch out for forcing moves! The last move is a little more difficult to see. Of course the bishop is undefended. But it is not so easy to see that the rook wouldn't be defended anymore if the bishop was gone.

With what I said now solve the puzzle! Good luck :)