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How to reach this position in 4 moves (8 plies)?

No, not 3 and not 5. :D

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Repost, maybe?

Sorry, typo in the url... :-/

@Sarg0n please explain! :D

Well if it's atomic it's quite easy. If not I don't know.

no castling rights info is provided so i'll say
1. e4 e6 2. Bb5 Ke7 3. Bxd7 c6 4. Be8 Kxe8

there are plenty of ways.
For example:
1. e3 c6 2. Bd3 e6 3. Bc4 d5 4. e4 dxc4

#7, no, that ain't work.

It's an art!

(indeed, @classicalMpk)

I don't really understand why doesn't that work

Rule number 1 = reach the position
Rule number 2 = do it in 4 moves for each
Rule number 3 = still possible castling

Applies to mine solution.