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  3. 1/0/0, ACPL 11 including a mate in 16 played at the Vienna open 2016

Against this youngster > Elo 2000 I played the following game in the Vienna open 2016, Sarg0n white.

After 26. ...f6 it's a mate in 16. The sequence should be waterproof.

Great game!

If your opponent is who I think he must have been, you might like to know, that he has beaten GM Mladen Palac in a Blitz tournament very recently.

He certainly has the future ahead of him. In this game your calculation skill was superior though! Congratulations.

I will not go into greater detail here, because I'm not sure if you're okay with your real-life name being made public knowledge and that might be easy to find out for anybody who wants to know. Sorry if I said too much already.

Btw, 3.Qe2 is tricky. The intention is revealed in the game, White wants to play a KIA and has not committed his Nb1 to d2. So a later c2-c4 followed by Nc3 is still possible.

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