How to Use ChatGPT to Improve Your Chess

Chat GPT and Chess: I played a chessgame agaist ChatGPT and ChatGPT move the queen from d1 to a3 XD.
First of all, I thought you were joking and it was a joke blog, but now after I read the whole thing, I kinda get it. Sort of.
The title should really be how to use chat gtp to scam people with bad chess information.
Clickbait title. Don't call it "How to Use ChatGPT to Improve Your Chess" if the message of the article is "Don't use ChatGPT to improve your Chess".
ChatGPT is a language program so the fact it knows how the horsey moves is quite impressive! It will soon rapidly improve as they're incorporating images
Why does lichess put this article on the front page. This article blatently advertises scamming people. Don't think that should be supported
The main point of the article is find an sell expert lesson from...guess who : the original writter of this post himself...kind of pathetic ! ;-)
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