How to Use ChatGPT to Improve Your Chess

@CSKA_Moscou said in #18:
> Good blog but an advice: avoid this kind of subject, it doesn't teach us much new or interesting stuff compared to everything else you can do. you have the potential to write books and help the chess community to play better. what does chatgpt have to do with it? Soon a blog about Musk and chess ? No plz!

Elon Musk was playing chess when he was young, but stopped playing it because he thinks it will not help you in life and it's too simple.
Yep. AI is becoming smarter and smarter now. In the end, even the World Champion might consider defeat with it.
@nik_isyraf93 said in #22:
> Yep. AI is becoming smarter and smarter now. In the end, even the World Champion might consider defeat with it.

That already happened.
Thank you my friend. You shed light on this issue and opened my eyes. I think chatGPT is doing similar things that some human "authors" have been doing for a long time. It consisted in someone reading, for example, 20 books on a given topic and writing one or two books on this basis. Without conducting any research or experiments yourself. This is something that can be called secondary creativity. Is this useful for other people? I think so, in a sense, because it is a compendium of knowledge and a dilettante can learn something from it. But then again, no, because it doesn't add anything new to the knowledge bank.
@cumulus200 I think AI is the only chance of true creativity, as all human knowledge is 'secondary creativity'. Humans have a finite amount of time, but an AI has oodles, so can, if prompted correctly can instantly formulate the ideas a human would eventually make. AlphaGo sussed out chess pretty quickly, so lets AlphaFold susses out biology as quick!
Yes. Very, very long time, a lot of data, very fast calculations. This is a lot of bricks, building materials and various architectural designs from which you can build a house, a bridge, a cathedral, a prison, a concentration camp... Artificial intelligence can be used for good and bad purposes. Just like the energy of an atom. People who have artificial intelligence at their disposal gain a huge advantage over those who do not. Just like with thermonuclear weapons. Or when you play chess with someone who uses stockfish. Ordinary people may not be aware of the situation. Just like at the beginning of the atomic age. Only a few knew what it was about back then. By the way, I wonder what artificial intelligence will say when asked: which painting is the prettiest in the world? We, people, like some images more than others. The general rule is that there is no accounting for taste. It will be scary when artificial intelligence tells us: painting X by author Y is the prettiest in the world. It will be tragic when he adds: you people have to accept this, because if you don't, there will be no dessert today. One of the physics professors (whom I like very much) said: "artificial intelligence will end badly for us." We trigger something that we ourselves do not fully understand.
@cumulus200 If it can't be monetized, it will be weaponized! Legislation has always been left behind human endeavours, so we are doomed to fail once the technology becomes too hot to handle; How long before everybody has their own GPT-strength bot that could be used for nefarious means?
I think AI technology could save humanity if we could, once powerful enough, let it take full control, but that seems impossible as humans can't agree/share/care about each other