Streamer Team Battle!

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The rematch!

After the incredible response to our first Streamer Team Battle, we are pleased to announce another edition to begin this Saturday (15th February) at 19:00 UTC.

The rules are the same as previously:

  • It's an arena format event - complete with berserking and streaks
  • You join the Battle under the banner of a specific Team
  • You play against members of all the other Teams joining - but not against your fellows!
  • The points of the top performing 20 players from each Team go towards the overall leader-board

This event will be 2 hours long, with a 3+0 time control, starting at 19:00 UTC on the 15th of February. The participating streamers are below, be sure to join their Team - and then when joining the event, just select that Team.

Join here


GM Illia Nyzhnyk (@ChessWeeb) (Join team here)
NM @Chess-Network (Join team here)
GM Sergey Shipov (@Crest64) (Join team here)
CM Evgenij Novikov (@ShahMatKanal) (Join team here)
Emre Hasgüleç and Sabri Can Onay Yontar (@SatrancMedyaYoutube) (Join team here)

More streamers to be announced...