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To the devotees of ChessNetwork. If you, too, like his effortless way of describe chess positions and chess thought processes, then you might be a ChessNetwork fan. Join the fan club, share Jerry moments and comments. Be part of his Simuls or simply watch him in action here on LiChess during a Lightning tournament. Support Jerry!
Follow Jerry at and at .
Location: Pig on the 7th rank.

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  1. Jerry trolls a cheater. LidoDiCamaiore

    Thank you! So cool to watch :D For completeness: His first match against the machine on that stream starts at 16:42 :)

  2. Jerry trolls a cheater. Berenzen

  3. 2017 Summer Marathon Alihene


  4. ChessNetwork - youtube Alihene

    he has more vids now, watch!!!

  5. 2017 Summer Marathon Berenzen

    Good luck Jerry!

  6. A Jerry classic. Berenzen

  7. ChessNetwork forum dondopong

    OH NO I'M MATED!! Love you Jerry! Hahaha

  8. ChessNetwork forum lichess

    Welcome to the ChessNetwork forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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