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Fischer's proposal of changing the starting positions of the pieces, making more room for creativity, is the only way that the human race can retain its vitality in the face of inevitable technological progress. Like his chess clock, which is used more and more, his idea of a chess game will be accepted.


Member since 25-Oct-2015


Game completion rate: 100%

Time spent playing: 16 days, 20 hours and 48 minutes

Time on TV: 3 days, 22 hours and 17 minutes

1 win1 draw3 losses
Played 5 Chess960 games163622
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #251 (top 61%) with 5 games in Chess960 Shield Arena

5 wins4 losses
Played 9 Bullet games175336
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #1416 (top 45%) with 9 games in Titled Arena Warm-up Feb 2019

20 wins11 losses
Solved 31 tactical puzzles215315
6 wins2 draws11 losses
Played 19 Chess960 games16586
1 loss
Played 1 Blitz game184412
Competed in 4 tournaments
Ranked #4 (top 12%) with 8 games in Bobby Fischer Memorial Arena
Ranked #24 (top 28%) with 6 games in Daily Chess960 Arena
Ranked #934 (top 87%) with 1 game in Daily SuperBlitz Arena
Ranked #7 (top 100%) with 1 game in Mikhail Tal Memorial Arena

10 wins6 losses
Solved 16 tactical puzzles21501
12 wins3 draws12 losses
Played 27 Chess960 games166455
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #66 (top 71%) with 2 games in Daily Chess960 Arena

1 win5 losses
Solved 6 tactical puzzles214959
1 win2 losses
Played 3 Chess960 games16094

3 wins1 loss
Solved 4 tactical puzzles22087
1 win1 loss
Played 2 Chess960 games16055
Competed in 1 tournament
Ranked #71 (top 69%) with 2 games in Daily Chess960 Arena

28 wins16 losses
Solved 44 tactical puzzles220177