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690 members

Chess960 TEAM

960-variant (aka Fischer random chess) players.
Join us !!!

Forum (70)

  1. What is the 960 scene like on lichess? hnishy

    Lichess currently has only one 960 tournament a day, while has 18 tournaments a day. If you want more, please add your opininon on another thread:

  2. What is the 960 scene like on lichess? atricapillus

    Been playing 960 correspondence on for years, decided to make the move to lichess... but I notice there is no way for me to make a rated 960 game. I don't mind playing casual but I kinda fee

  3. Chess960 Championships LM mysterious_expert we are creating chess960 championships! Join! In the forums will be where you can join the team and more information:

  4. New Fischer Random (Chess 960) World Champion Patralgan

    I think this event was a very nice boost for this variant regardless. The future seems bright for Fischer random :)

  5. New Fischer Random (Chess 960) World Champion Spartako

    It was very exciting and I wish the chess community would have paid more attention to it. Still there was a lot of attention with some nice coverage. As you can see in the clip below, the world cha

  6. New Fischer Random (Chess 960) World Champion Whiplash775

    Magnus Carlsen has secured the "Unofficial" Fischer Random (Chess 960) World Championship by a wide margin over Hikaru Nakamura. I'm very impressed. What really impressed me was that it was a true Che

  7. Streaming LM mysterious_expert

    If I stream live on youtube can I still be on lichess front page while doing it?

  8. Chess960 Study natello35

    Hello, I have recently had the project to analyse all the openings, in all of the 960 starting positions. This is a huge task, this is why I am proposing you to join the Chess960 Study group : https

  9. I'm very bad at chess960. (sorry!) Dinosuarus

    @goldbeard 1562 isn't that bad, just relax and have fun. :) We can play casual if you want. I actually very new to this variant and I need some practice.

  10. Chess960 League/Ladder Dinosuarus

    Sounds awesome, when will it start? Also what is the purpose of the divisions? Do you mean in terms of rating?

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