Blog-report about the money I sent to support Ukraine thanks to your donations

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It's 8th month of Ukrainian legendary fight, defense of freedom and independence! It's always a good idea to support Ukraine financially!

I created a really nice blog, I said that 80% of your donations go to aid to Ukraine and 20% to me, and that there will be a separate blog about the donations! (In brother's PayPal account because I am U-18)

UPD : There was a new donation, I wrote about it in the end, actually 2 people donated. We sent 32$ to support Ukraine, thank you guys! Hopefully this number will be bigger next time.

The blog post is slowly getting less popular, that's why I decided to write this report-blog . A bit sad that my 3 weeks of huge work and huge effort didn't collect at least 100$. But hopefully we can do it in next blogs.
The only person who donated was FM @thijscom . He donated 20$. 80% out of 20$ is 16$.
Huge thanks to @thijscom , for the donation! You are such a generous and strong FM .

We decided to send money to Serhiy Prytula charity foundation. It helps Ukrainian soldiers with weapons, also delivers the humanitarian aid.

Serhiy Dmytrovych Prytula (Ukrainian: Сергій Дмитрович Притула; born 22 June 1981) is a Ukrainian public and political figure, who gained his popularity as a TV presenter and actor. Since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine he has focused on fundraising money for the needs of the Armed forces of Ukraine. His most famous campaign was People's Bayraktar (and the purchase of a satellite).[1]

Payment details :
Some screens of PayPal home page on different days :
On the 25th October
Also, Mr Andrew B Cooper donated 20$, thank you so much, that's really great! I really appreciate.
I sent the money to United24 initiative.
It supports Ukraine, also the president Zelensky likes it a lot. I decided to sent the money for the medical aid for Ukrainians, because if I recall correctly Mr Andrew is the Canadian doctor .
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