5 Ways to Make Money with Chess

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Tired of being broke? Bored with your mundane 9-to-5 office job? Craving a life in Dubai filled with wealth, joy, and endless possibilities? Well, you've come to the right place!

Read till the end, as this blog may be life changing. Don't worry if you are a beginner or a master, here are the solutions for absolutely all levels! This is a new gold rush, I guarantee that with my methods you will be able to break free.

Important concepts for getting rich with chess

Firstly, I want to explain to you the most important concepts that I learned from thousands of self-improvement videos. Look, this is everything you need for this journey.

1) Motivation vs discipline

From my point of view, this is the most important one. You have to understand that in the majority of the cases, you won't feel motivated. Motivation sometimes comes, sometimes it disappears. You can't rely on that feeling, you must make a plan and follow it no matter what.

"Do the hard work, especially when you don't feel like it"

2) Instant gratification vs delayed gratification

Not everyone knows about this term, so I will explain. Instant gratification is something that makes you feel good instantly, like scrolling the social media or watching Netflix, etc., you have to try to avoid it as much as possible. Delayed gratification, in contrast, feels bad during it, but the long term benefits outweigh that suffering.

3) Conventional path vs unconventional path

This one may be quite controversial. From my point of view, it's important to choose the unconventional path to getting rich, and the one with chess fits perfectly*.* We were taught to go to school, university, then job, it's safe and it makes sense BUT for most of the people, the life is quite depressive and sad. That's why you have to try to use chess to achieve your freedom.

"You can't expect to have the unconventional life, with the conventional path"

Magnus Carlsen with his extravagant villa

Task for you

We all want to be more productive, and my previously mentioned concepts may help you but I want to give you more information.
Search in Google these things :

  1. Dopamine detox
  2. Monk mode
  3. Meditation

In the next blogs I will talk about them.

5 ways to make money with chess

Probably what you came here for...

Way 1

Become a chess coach

If you are a CM, NM and stronger - I congratulate you with this great possibility. If you are below that level - you always wanted to have a decent coach.
Here you can find a coach and become one
On lichess, you get that great badge of coach and everyone who clicks your account may see it.
The average salary of the coach according to some resources is $ 60 000 - $ 100 000 per year, which is great.
Look at Mamedyarov's coach profile
200$ per hour for just playing vs you.
Path to the millionaire?

Way 2

Win in the tournaments

You can participate in the chess tournaments and win a ton of money there. The vast majority of those tournaments offer the financial prizes. There are a lot of OTBs, but from my point of view, it's not very comfortable to go to the other part of your country to win 100 dollars. Be flexible, play online.
In my lichess club I am going to host the prize tournaments every week, stay tuned
This is the first one

Google Bard AI comparing online vs OTB tournaments.
Google Bard on online vs OTB.png

Way 3

Earn a scholarship

Another great way to get rich for the chess players**, especially the young ones**. I want to give a real example, in Ukraine in my town, there are the scholarships for the sportsmen. As a 16 year old player, champion of the oblast (province), and top 5 national U-16 - I am hugely supported by my town and it pays me the scholarship.
You can apply to your city government or chess federation to get your scholarship.
Example of US chess federation paying the scholarships

Way 4

Become a content creator

Content creation might be the best option for players of all levels. You can create your content everywhere. You can create your chess website, you can create the youtube channel, or the stronger player may create the Chessable courses.
I want to give some examples.
The most popular chess Youtuber - GothamChess has an estimated net worth which ranges from $1M to $7m according to different resources
Also, there is the Chessable course "Woodpecker method", it's one of the most popular ones
I finished it, but later decided to delete my progress and do a bit of it again.
I did 1/3 of it, and I am on 3137th place, the course costs $40, imagine how much money the authors made!chessable.png

Way 5

Become a chess software developer

Are you good at coding? It means that you can develop the new Chessbase, Chessable or lichess! It's possible to create a great training tool. For example, Chessbase most expensive version costs around $530 , and most of the titled players have it. Perhaps you can create a chess engine like Stockfish or AlphaZero and get rich with it, think about it. 1643821970785.jpg

Bonus - the biggest chess prizewinners of all time


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