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Welcome to this blog, dear warriors on the path to financial freedom. This is the second part of my blog on how you can make money with chess. The first blog went viral, but it lacked some concreteness... I know that you want to go on your next vacation to Dubai; I couldn't ignore that, and that's why my second blog is here today.

Today I want to give you the specific tools with their links that you can use in order to achieve your financial freedom with chess. Perhaps you were too lazy to read my previous blog and search on your own, that is the reason why I wrote this blog.

Important financial concept to understand

What's the secret to success?

Hard work? Luck?
Perhaps to some degree, but not really. Look, the plumber and the entrepreneur may put the similar amount of time, effort and energy into work, but the latter one will always be ahead. Or do you think that Magnus Carlsen was born this strong?

There have been the long debates on the secret to success, but the time showed us the answer.

Does Uber own a single vehicle? Nope, but it's the biggest transportation company which has access to the unlimited amount of cars.
Does Booking own a single hotel? Nope, but it's the largest travel agency which has access to the unlimited amount of hotels.

So, what is the point?
The secret to success is ACCESS.
For the success it's crucial to have the access to :

  1. The right opportunities
  2. The right people
  3. The right knowledge

Look away, and think for a second - how much those factors can contribute to the likelihood of your success.
I guess that this blog will help you with that.

Read carefully, that may be the most valuable information that you have ever read...
Blue texts contain links...

Gem 1 - Canadian chess federation

If you are from Canada, then you most likely know about it. But most of the people don't.

  1. Scroll down to see the events column
  2. Click on "More"
  3. Click "filter by location" , then choose "online"
    Boom! Now you can play in dozens of Canadian chess tournaments.
    The great thing is that you can join the CFC as a foreigner, like I did.

In this tournament I made 150 CAD. The amount of players was - 4 participants, everyone with much lower rating than me. I found the tournament on the official CFC page, this shows you the awesomeness of this whole scheme.

To find this gem, I was checking the website of every chess federation of the world...
Also, you can do quite similar thing with the US chess federation , however I didn't like the prices, the amount of tournaments, Canadian chess federation should be better in this comparison.

Gem 2 - My chess club


It's an absolutely new lichess club, I created it 3 days ago and more than 100 people came to play in our upcoming prize tournaments. I am hosting the prize tournament that will take place on the July 22th
Don't miss the opportunity!

Gem 3 - Chessable course creation


  1. Go to tools
  2. Click "Create a Course"
    I want to duplicate it from my previous blog, because it was very astonishing to me. Me being on 3137th place after doing 1/3 of the course that costs $40!chessable.png
    Doesn't matter whether you are a GM or 1500, you can always create your own course and sell it. Chessable is a super large company, owned by Magnus Carlsen which is growing very rapidly.

You can also upload to youtubeor you can have streams in Twitch, but from my opinion, they are more of a lottery and algorithms play the very important role in that. But in Chessable the more you put in - the more you get out.

Gem 4 - Coaching


This time without one hyperlink, because you can do it in a ton of places.
lichess,, tutor website #1, tutor website #2.
As you see, you have to be quite a decent player to do that, but it's worth it. The average salary of the chess coach is around $50000 - $70000.

Gem 5 - Chess scholarships


Once again, here I found 2 scholarships, so there is more than 1 link.
You can apply, and win some decent money.
This one by Plexuss seems to be quite decent to me (Hurry up, because 12 days left!)
This is the second option that I found in UMBC university website

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