University of Southhampton

The 20th National Cipher Challenge

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October has arrived, with November on the Horizon, the Cipher Challenge is here !

The Cipher challenge, most commonly known as the most prestigious 11-18 year old code breaking competition, has started...

It's run by the Mathematics department at Southampton University.

So far, Practise 1 has been done, and practise 2 is underway. There will be a 3rd practise. The official challenges start from November.


Lots of cash prizes are up for grabs...

It is encouraged as a team event.

So, are you going to join the ciphering race....
Join using the website.

Anybody from anywhere can join..

Challenges have specific deadlines for certain challenges, the more points the quicker you solve it.

It's very fun, interactive and competitive.

You get given a random mix of letter ( and numbers ! ) , which you have to decipher.

The main ways are - A Caesar Cipher, Affine Shift Cipher, and a frequency cipher.

There are other cipher's.

As the competition progresses, it get's harder...

I find pen and paper is very helpful.

We can also quickly find letters, by using key info - like - 1 letter words in capital ( I )

So, are you going to sign up...

Have fun !