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Daventry Easter 4NCL Congress - Games

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Daventry Easter 4NCL Congress - My Games

Daventry Easter 4NCL Congress, Games and more!

The 4NCL hosted their 3rd Easter Congress, spanning over 4 days, and this year, like before it was held at Daventry.

This was a 7 round swiss event held at 90+30 time control. (Of which I had 3 draws and 4 wins - coming joint 2nd in the U1700)

Here are some of my games, with some annotations and general context. Please have a read and let me know what you think!

All games here -

This was my first game, against a young 7 year old Irish player, who had a brother rated 2000 FIDE, I went in confident, and he blunderewd, however I almost threw the position and scraped out a lucky win.

The second game was pretty normal, until my opponent blundered a pawn, and it was all easy sailing from there.

With only 5 people on 2/2, this bounced me up to board 3, facing someone on 1.5, who drew against the person going on to win the event ( who I drew early because I was a scaredy-cat ), fairly confidently, so I knew I was in for a fight. Somehow, he played every move that I knew was bad at the crucial points, and got a point home, for 3/3.

Game 4 was fairly simple, where I was slightly worse due to one mistake where I played the move almost instantly, the position I thought would get worse, I offered a draw, and to my surpise he accepted.

Game 5 was by far the weirdest game, from my terrible opening play to a stupid blunder that should have lost immediately. Then a piece sack for counterplay, becoming down a rook, and then my opponent hung it, and I got a draw.... Go through the game to see what happened. This game shows why you should never resign!!

Game 6 was against a junior, who played way to quickly which is ultimately how I won. I found a simple tactic winning an exchange, which after apparently it was still drawn. He blundered and I won easily in a King/Pawn ending up a pawn.

I was too much of a scaredy cat in round 7, as my opponent was 2300 lichess so I took a quick draw.
He won the event with 6/7.

In the end, the winner who I drew in rd 1, got 6/7, winning 600£, and me and 2 others got 5.5, getting £200 each.

Thanks for reading!!