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J4ncl - W/e 3 - Daventry Court Hotel - Event Report

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A report about the 3rd J4ncl weekend, held at Daventry Court Hotel.

The 3rd and final J4ncl event of the 21/22 Season took place at Daventry on the 9th and 10th of April.
This event trialled 7 rounds in Division 2 for the first time, to see if it was better ( in my opinion yes! )

The Junction off the M1 most people used to get here

There were 4 main arbiters - and lucky for my feet - I avoided arbitering the reserves - in the 2 rounds I was one :) - Trust me - your feet suffer a lot when you arbiter ;)

The event was held at the renowned Daventry Court Hotel - where many prestigious English events have been held! ( my next blog is at the same venue!! )

Sedgemoor way - the road with main access to the Hotel, and a small gated community at the road's end - which seemed very nice!

The event lasted 2 days - 9th and 10th April, and was only for U18's, in 2 Divisions - as a team event.
The hotel itself was very well equipped, with a gym, pool, ample car parking, and lots of open green grass and space.

This was the example of on of the many welcome signs on the premises - even on the round-about's outside!!!

Waiting area's were the bar area and the main lobby, including outdoor benches and the corridors. In previous events such as the UKCC Challengers here, they've opened the downstairs rooms, but for the J4ncl they didn't this time.

The weather was ok-ish, mostly warm enough, and lots of young(er) - kids were playing football in the large courtyard area ( then I started playing Volleyball with a random ball which is like those inflatable ones with my team squad - because we were next level :) )

Here's what it looked like as an example inside

The main Daventry rooms open up to form a HUGE hall - which is used for many events - for this event, they only used 1/2 of the hall, and used dividers to split it into 2 rooms.

This looked like the images below :

This was the right handside of Division 2

The division 1 room

The other side of Division 2

A better look at some of Div 1

To get to these was a extra conjoining corridor to a long one - which was considered forbidden territory unless you were playing your game!

You had to go a bit further down to reach the rooms on the second to the left set of doors.

There was a main corridor connected to the lobby which went down here.
That corridor went past the past half of the room ( which had some doors to peep into the hall - which I think is called 'Danetree' )
However, this time, because they weren't using this area, parents couldn't peek at games ( which I am very grateful for :-) )

The long corridor

The hotel is set close to the town of Daventry, off the M1 - very close to DIRFT - a major place for rail transport for big companies trading in the UK - such as Tesco and DHL and many more.

There's a large reservoir along with busy roads surrounding the area - along with some gated - ish, neighbourhood.

The Daventry country park is also nearby.

Here's what a view looked like from the front of the building - you can see the car park, reservoir and some of the vast green space

Food at this venue - was ok. It's the one thing I have to call out of. In South-Normanton - knowing what to order on the venue was the hack, at Woodland Grange the food was EPIC and amazing.

However, here it was a bit overpriced, and you clearly got less bang for your buck.

Here's the example of the lunch menu :


In the end, it was a great venue - as the place always was.

The teams who did well were :

JHJ 1 and Ojays A - In division 1
And Colchester Juniors and Desert Penguins in Division 2

This was the 3rd and final weekend - based on all the results, I think Ojays A and JHJ 1 have a great claim both to the 21/22 season title, and we will see what happens when W/e 1 happens again in September...

Thanks for viewing :)