FIDE / ECU - 2017 U20 Youth Chess Championships ( Just a random photo I picked out from the web.. )

Over The Board Chess - What I suggest + What I do...

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A sneak peak at my OTB event prep, my top tips and more...

Hello again !

This blog post will outline some of my OTB practises, me at an OTB event, and my top tips.
I hope you enjoy !

At the end of the tips and rules there is a surprise... :)

As the Covid-19 Pandemic ravaged the world for 2 years, OTB chess pretty much stopped, however the virus is still prevalent.

In the UK OTB events have been running and starting up, with many major event, such as the British Championships, UKCC Terrafinal / Challengers, and LJCC start to host their OTB events.

Lot's of old mini events have also began running. Congress' such as Northumbria also restarted, which I went to.

As OTB starts to get more likely, I am publishing this blog with a few tips...

The 2021 Spanish Chess Championships, where stringent Covid measures were active, credit, Spanish Chess - Again a random photo I picked from google.

Rules : Use these so you don't find yourself in a spot of bother

  1. Definitely don't argue with the Chief Arbiter, arguing with any arbiter is bad enough, but arguing with the Chief can get you disqualified, remember, their decision is FINAL. I've seen boards who did this and the results weren't pretty, including a few 0-0 scores!!
  2. Try not to press the clock loudly, say check loudly, or make noise that distracts other players. I did this a couple of times and players and arbiters aren't happy...
  3. At the end of the game, most events require you to RESET the pieces, do this correctly, as it helps arbiters. If you're on a live board, Kings need to placed in the centre, based on the result, your arbiter will tell you how to do this. The clock can be reset by arbiters, but it's best to ask if you should reset. ( Article on how to use a clock coming soon... )
  4. I highly suggest not bringing your phone into the playing hall, but if you have to, make sure it's switched off, by that I mean Shutting it down. The risk is it making a noise, which if happens, you lose the game, so make sure your phone is on NO volume!! Same applies for digital watches, which I suggest not wearing, smart watches are not allowed at all.
  5. If you are asked to be scanned, do not worry, arbiters do random scans. This happened to me at J4NCL, nothing to worry about... Don't retaliate or ask questions. This just makes it worse. If you are asked to be scanned, for a fair play reason, you won't be told. Remember, cheaters are ALWAYS caught.
  6. Use the allocated toilets and rooms during the match. You can't leave the playing area's during the venue, the areas are told to you at the start of the event, i.e - the toilets, smoking area, bar etc.
    You can't leave these areas during a game.

That's pretty much it in terms of rules, also try not to talk during a game.

A VERY old chess event.

Tips : My top tips...

  1. Keep a water bottle on you! Very useful if you ask me.
  2. Ask where the toilets are! Well I think you know about this... :)
  3. Read up on some rules of chess tournaments, i.e - a quick glance at the FIDE Handbook can't hurt, just in case you are unsure about a rule.

3B) Do some quizzes based on chess event rules - - at the 'information' and 'quizzes' section, are some cool things you can do
3C) Have a look at the clock -
3D) Note, most of 3 are if you are a bit unsure about stuff, and the links can be a bit confusing, nevertheless, it's mainly if you want to confirm over a rule.

  1. Ask about online pairings / know where your board is BEFORE you enter the playing area if possible.
    We all know how hectic it is not knowing where your board is!
  2. Bring a pen / notation - a good way to learn from your mistakes
  3. It's good sportsmanship to say gg and good luck before / after your game. It shows respect to your opponent.

Now, you read to the end of the blog, so now you get a suprise...

What does CHlivelylemon do at an OTB event, and how to recognise me...

I have 3 jumpers / hoodies which I really like ( pictures coming soon.. )
They are - an orange hoodie with a zipper, a blue jumper, and a green hoodie.
I like jumpers as they keep me warm and are comfortable to sit on my hands ( another tip so you don't play too fast!)

I have 2 bags I use in OTB events, again, pictures coming soon.
There is a lemon bag, I mean, of course :)
And a travel themed bag with transport on it.

In them I keep notation, my writing pads, and stationery, and also other useful stuff..
I also always have a bottle, normally a silver one.

I don't spend all my time between rounds talking, I normally analyse, do a bit of talking, playing on devices, and look at opening lines for next games.
I suggest you do the same :) It's a great mix, and the perfect combo for a great OTB event

So, I hope you enjoy your OTB events, and I hope you enjoyed this blog!!!