2021 - Bebras Challenge - Worldwide event

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November is here, and Bebras is around the corner... ( 8th-19th )

This is a worldwide event ( )
But most participants are from the UK.

Originally from Lithuania. ( The competition )

My youtube channel on which I prepare -

Bebras, which means Beaver in Lithuanian. Was founded in 2005 ( I think ), by a group of people wanting to make a new competition, which was very hardworking, since beavers are hard working.

In 2013 the UK joined, and now the top 10% get invited to the OUCC in February.
( If you have already been invited before, you get automatically invited. )

The full name of the event is the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge.

This year in the UK, competition period is on the 8th - 19th of November.

All participants get certificates, and there are special ones for best in year, form etc.
Normally the top 40 or so , Usually around 180 + , sometimes higher, get invited to a special bonus round in Oxford.

You have 40 minutes, in which you need to try your best to answer as many 'A' 'B' and 'C' questions as you can.

But be careful, some have negative marks...
But you get more marks the more harder ( B,C ) question you answer,
Check - - for more info.

Good luck and enjoy this competition.
Last year I scored 150/200 in the Junior Bebras.
( I guessed wayyyy to much.... )
I should have scored quite a bit higher.
This year I am aiming to score more than 175.
In the OUCC I did very bad, as I was underprepped, and stressed.