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The Entire History of Women's Chess in Eight Tournaments (Part 1)

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Congratulations Koosha Jaferian Fan Club for winning the Streamers Battle February '24 and the first prize of $500! Congrats also to IM Manitodeplomo Fan Club for 2nd place ($300), PAPASIonates (3rd, $150) and IM YOSEPH AND FRIENDS (4th, $100). Thanks to all 2797 registered players for participating!

Ashwath Kaushik is reportedly the youngest player ever to win against a GM in classical chess after beating Jacek Stopa in the Burgdorfer Stadthaus-Open at the age of 8 years, 6 months & 11 days. The previous record was apparently set in January by Leonid Ivanovic, who was about 5 months older.

It's time again for our week of Variant Shield Arenas, starting in 4 hours with the Chess960 Arena! The winner will have to defend the unique trophy in next month's tournament.

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Magnus Carlsen won the Chess960 G.O.A.T Challenge, drawing the first game of the final and winning the second against runner-up Fabiano Caruana. Levon Aronian took third place, defeating Nodirbek Abdusattorov. World Champion Ding Liren finished last without winning a single game in the tournament.

Vera Menchik, the first and longest-reigning Women's World Champion, was born on this day in 1906. Players who lost to her were said to have joined the Vera Menchik Club, whose members included Euwe, Reshevsky and Colle; she also drew with Najdorf and her trainer Maroczy.

The Yearly Crazyhouse Arena starts in 4 hours! Prepare for exciting tactical blitz games in the variant that lets you drop captured pieces back on the board.