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  1. FIDE RiShAbH_InDiA You Can Go To (NOT RICKROLL)
  2. Puzzle #i6hpL abiaksabikG Well b3 and kxc3 atleast are not as simple a win as bxc3
  3. I won against NM in atomic! Mr-bulletplayer @Jisu101 try to beat him in 960 he is really good at THAT
  4. Advantage of two bishops Mr-bulletplayer @ujcn this isn't exactly the superiority of the bishop pair... your o…
  5. A chaotic game of 2 rocks vs 2… Knight04 In these types of positions, the thematic pawn push ...d5 gives black …
  6. A chaotic game of 2 rocks vs 2… Mr-bulletplayer white had an ez draw.... congratz
  7. FIDE jamesB009 Please read…
  8. A chaotic game of 2 rocks vs 2… SamAnyayG White had three past pawns
  9. FIDE karamveer2013 are there any fide tornaments????
  10. Tips For Online Chess Champion… Mantram_PateL Ok, shadow told me the same ;D