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  1. The best chess book ? Appelle_moi_Fischer Tal-Botvinnik is a good chess book
  2. The best chess book ? LukaCro - Michael Stean, Simple Chess - Lev Alburt, Most Important Positions …
  3. to explore my games MadNutella You can find it in analysis board
  4. The best chess book ? CM Sarg0n 7 deadly Sins, Chess for Zebras (Rowson), MFTL (Hendriks), SOMCS (Wats…
  5. The best chess book ? TacTicIsTicTac "Chess Structures a Grandmaster Guide" by GM Mauricio Flores, Quality …
  6. Berserked games - Parties Bers… Tyakyh Hello, What means berserked games?…
  7. Classical tournaments RPNAVNEET yup! I would like that too.
  8. The best chess book ? LopsidedLops Cry like a grandmaster
  9. Add the @everyone feature like… MadNutella How would you use that?
  10. Classical tournaments Stranio It would be nice having more classical tournaments. In my feeling o…