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  1. Always play f6 PurePremiumPenguin Actually, never play f6
  2. My weirdest game so far... Akbar2thegreat Well, both players were either sleepy, drunk or had a flight!
  3. Wie findet ihr Schach? (German) NM MrPushwood God, that guy was talented.
  4. Always play f6 Akbar2thegreat @WinOr10PushUps GM Ben Finegold would kill you and IM Eric Rosen wou…
  5. Who wants to play with me? cFlour @CheerfulChessPlayer please read forum etiquette again: https://liches…
  6. Is this draw RossJohn Hello
  7. Set of students for chess less… NM MrPushwood Those wishing to increase their ability to focus, be sure and sign up …
  8. Who wants to play with me? NM MrPushwood You mean in the sense of messing with your mind?
  9. Is this draw Akbar2thegreat @TalMagicalDragon It's easy win for White and only at depth 17, Stoc…
  10. Why do you say all bad word? KaiM2102 This should be in the useless topic section