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Young People's Chess Club TEAM

There are plenty of young guns here on lichess. I'm talking 18 years or younger. Lets have a chess club for them. I'm 12 years old myself

Requirements: 18 years of age or less. Proof: send me a private message, confirmation message or your profile info with your birth-date or I will know you personally.
Location: Tucson, Arizona

Forum (11)

  1. News G_B_Priyangshu

    Milestone reached: We now have 25 people here.

  2. News Chess-Guy123

    NEWS FLASH - 5/25/2018 - Milestone: We now have more than 15 people here! Next milestone is 25 people.

  3. Lets get 50 people!!! Chess-Guy123

    Yeah of course! @G_B_Priyangshu

  4. Lets get 50 people!!! G_B_Priyangshu

    @Chess-Guy123 shall I tell other people about this team so that they can join here?

  5. News Chess-Guy123

    NEWS FLASH - 5/22/2018 - We now have more than 10 people here. Yay!!

  6. Ideas Chess-Guy123

    Ideas for events go here!

  7. News Chess-Guy123

    NEWS FLASH - 5/21/2018 We now have @mysterious_expert here!!

  8. News Chess-Guy123

    News will be posted here.

  9. Lets get 50 people!!! Chess-Guy123

    Come on let's spread the word!!!

  10. Young People's Chess Club forum lichess

    Welcome to the Young People's Chess Club forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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