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Hello, and welcome to Young People's Chess Club (The Original).

There has been lots of kid teams now the trend has caught on, but this is the original! (see the first forum post by lichess for proof of when this team was created)

This team is a great place for Chess kids like you and me to hang out and discuss Chess, life, and anything that comes to mind!

We play frequent team battles with other Chess kid teams so make sure you check your messages, frequently and check out the "Tournaments" section below for upcoming tournaments!

• You must be younger than 18 years old to join or a part of one or more of the allied teams below.

If you are a part of one or more of these teams you will be automatically accepted into this one.
• 😎Kool And The Junior Lions🦁:
• YCP Club (Young Chess Players):
• Young People Chess Club ( YPCC):
• Chess Kids:
• Chess Kids #2:
• kids rule:

please supply your age, either in the join request, your profile page, or private message me, if you aren't part of one of the allied teams above or you don't know me personally.
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Young People Team Battle5+0 • Blitz • Casual • 12h3 teams battle
Kids Team Battle Team Battle¼+0 • UltraBullet • Casual • 45m2 teams battle


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@Savage_Cactus 4 hours would have been 13 minutes if you were online :|

this is so deadddSavage_Cactus •

I wonder how long it will take for someone to respond to this lol anyway I'm leaving this team, I might come back later, but not now

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I made this because I have a question and others probably do too

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