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kids rule TEAM

all people 16 and under can join
kids shall rule
Location: lichess

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  1. How old are you all? TomChess1102

    I am 9 years old :)!!!

  2. How old are you all? machdeinenzug

    I"m 8 years old.How old are you all??? :)

  3. cxxd4 henryliu2009


  4. cxxd4 sethtristan

    cxxd4 why do you blame @henryliu2009 for hacking???????????????????????

  5. Anyone here love Eevee? Hey_Grandma

    Eevee is a Pokémon, which is #133 in the Pokedex. It evolves into 8 different Pokémon; Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon were the first. In Generation 2, Espeon and Umbreon became available. In Gen 4, Lea

  6. tournament sethtristan

    we should have a hyper bullet tournament when Mountain Time plz

  7. your username henryliu2009

  8. your username henryliu2009

    ok im thunderingdomino

  9. your username ChessHydra

    sorry, found it, add dearstudent

  10. your username ChessHydra

    your kidding, right, i didn't find you

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