Westfield Chess Club

542 members

Established in the early 1940's, the Westfield Chess Club is New Jersey's most prestigious chess club, with several Grandmasters & NJ State Champions among its alumni.

We have resumed in-person meetings at the YMCA building, 220 Clark Street, Westfield, NJ 07090. There are COVID-19 & capacity restrictions. For details visit the OTB Events page on our website.

We are still running USCF Online-rated tournaments on LiChess. These are in a new category & do not affect OTB ratings.

Prospective team members must provide their name & USCF ID number when requesting to join the group or to a team leader upon messaged request.

If you do not include the aforementioned info & do not accept messages, the request will automatically be declined.


Sunday Afternoon Swiss40+5 • Classical • Rated1 rounds swiss
February Online Swiss60+10 • Classical • Rated3 rounds swiss
Half-Price Online Swiss40+5 • Classical • Rated3 rounds swiss
ML King Day 4x30 Swiss25+5 • Classical • Rated4 rounds swiss
January Online Swiss60+10 • Classical • Rated3 rounds swiss