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The Westfield Chess Club is a USCF affiliate that, until the COVID-19 pandemic, met at the YMCA building, 220 Clark Street, Westfield, NJ 07090.

Our meetings there have been suspended indefinitely. We do not expect them to resume until late spring or early summer at the earliest.

So, to serve our members, we will be running USCF Online-rated tournaments here on LiChess. These are in a new category & do not affect OTB ratings.

We will also, in conjunction with our friends at the Kenilworth CC, be running Thursday night tournaments.

Prospective members must provide their name & USCF ID number when requesting to join the group or to a team leader upon messaged request.

If you do not include the aforementioned info & do not accept messages, the request will automatically be declined.
Location: Westfield, NJ


Summer Tourney I50+5 • Classical • Casual14 rounds swiss
Playing right now
Westfield Swiss - Under 150040+5 • Classical • Rated3 rounds swiss
Westfield Swiss - Open Section40+5 • Classical • Rated3 rounds swiss
Westfield Five-Dollar Swiss40+5 • Classical • Rated3 rounds swiss
Westfield Swiss: U1500 Section40+5 • Classical • Rated3 rounds swiss


Westfield $5 Swiss On 5/9jpmoldovan •

Addenea to the Player List Open Section Baker, Joseph Cross, Ted Jha, Aaryaman Kodirov, Aziz Romsak, Jason Moldovan, John (late-join) Under 1500 Gogineni, Eshan Gogineni, Neil Kodir

Westfield $5 Swiss On 5/9jpmoldovan •

Player List As of 3:45 a.m. Open Section 1 Balaji, Rohit 2 Huang, Kylan Z 3 Kumar, Rudra 4 Liang, Alan Z 5 Singhvi, Armaan 6 Upadhyay, Punyavra 7 Vaidyanathan, Kannan 8 Wolensky, Joseph

Westfield $5 Swiss On 5/9jpmoldovan •

This USCF Online-Regular rated event will consist of 2 sections, be password protected and bot-run at the following URLs: Open Section - Under 1500 - https:/

FYIjpmoldovan •

Westfield CC Online Events are currently listed at The last update was on Friday 4/30. The next one will be tonight or tomorrow.

Westfield $5 Swiss On 5/2jpmoldovan •

Arnav decided not to play.

Westfield $5 Swiss On 5/2jpmoldovan •

Addenea 10:55 a.m. + Gosavi, Arnav + Romsak, Jason + Singh, Yastika + Singh, Yuktha + Vinod, Rohith Entries are closed.

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