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Twelveteen should stop smoking TEAM

It is very bad for his health :(
Location: Canada

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  1. Smoking Kills Zxcfvbnmk

    I don't get it. HE SMOKES?

  2. Smoking Kills FischyVishy

    Indeed, Weird Al is awesome (I only discovered him three months ago). STOP SMOKING!!!

  3. Smoking Kills isaacly

    I assume you're referring to this hot single

  4. Smoking Kills FischyVishy

    Trust me. I'll be a doctor in 5(0) years. Though from what I remember with one conversation I had with TT, it's a different type of smoke; still, that type has displayed carcinogenic effects. EA

  5. Twelveteen should stop smoking forum lichess

    Welcome to the Twelveteen should stop smoking forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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