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Home of Think Ultimate RK Leagues (TURKL)
Season 1 Champion: @RoyalManiac
Season 2 Champion: @RoyalManiac

Main team: THINK | standard chess and events

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1900-2000 players
@C4LEvanW, @Andreas2011, @Captain-iran, @Parth0512, @gioele-2006, @KeendaHooo, @RoHiTdIgAnTa, @Weapon9Knight, @ArnishBasu, @Anuhas_Dharana_2010,

2000-2100 players
@aleksschtin, @RacingKingsQueen, @panthers498wjhs, @Zigisk, @Vibranium18, @Miniature_Dynamo, @The_Human_Paradox, @awchess22, @JWchess21_2, @ChessBen123, @FazeToFire, @HelloRK123, @zidan_S, @ALucasM

2100-2200 players
@Space_warrior1212, @luka3916, @PekkaBlunder, @Me_am, @Special_Yeet, @VeerVarma2, @sriramprasad, @Kex09, @aayan849, @LaWeNfOrCeR17, @ozer_cinar, @League_of_brothers1,

2200+ players
@RoyalManiac, @Original_King, @Francis920, @seth_7777777, @Yehonatan-Chess, @vic2r, @ABC-Terminator, @Huangyudong, @Chessteamoff

3000+ players
@trollingthink, may he Rest In Peace

While a member of THINK RK
Please be respectful of all other players in the team, and practice good sportsmanship during all of your RK games.

Contact @Francis920 with any questions.

Calendar of upcoming marathons:

Some nice racing kings resources:

We also are proud to introduce Racing Kings Academy
Many excellent resources available, more to follow!


Nelson Mandela int. day Team Battle1.5+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 1h40 teams battle
leaves and rain marathon Team Battle2+2 • Racing Kings • Rated • 12h40 teams battle
summer and sun marathon Team Battle3+1 • Racing Kings • Rated • 10h40 teams battle
Weekly Racing Kings Team Battle3+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 3h94 teams battle
Weekly Racing Kings Team Battle3+0 • Racing Kings • Rated • 3h94 teams battle


happy birthday think commuityRankrotten •

The THINK Community is 2 years old on Friday 10th February! If we count the LRCL days, our community is 4 years old! Thanks to YOU, the community continues to grow bigger and better! Let's celebrat

Team battle championshipM-A01 •

Hi! We are in the middle of the year and @Huguitooo_xD and @M-A01 are going to organize a team battle CHAMPIONSHIP Rules In the frist tournament a “normal” team battle will be played, from th

TURKL S2 Game ResultsRoyalManiac •

RoyalManiac vs huangyudong finished 3.5 - 2.5. Game 1:

TURKL S2 Match Timeshuangyudong •

@huangyudong vs. @RoyalManiac Division A, March 6, 23:00 UTC

TURKL S2 Game ResultsTheUsualDumbKid •

So, with those results in, in case it is unknown here are the final and 3rd place final pairings! @RoyalManiac and @huangyudong will play for the TURKL S2 Title! @seth_7777777 and @FazeToFire ar

TURKL S2 Game ResultsFazeToFire •

@RoyalManiac vs. @FazeToFire, 5.5 - 0.5,

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