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Welcome to the THINK community

A friendly, active and growing community celebrating our 5th consecutive year!

THINK competes in Liga Battles every Thursday / Sunday, and the Monday Rapid League.
Play our Annual Championships, Arena Tournaments and various other events.

Join us! A warm welcome awaits you, regardless of your rating.

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THINK Club Championship

20/21 Club Championship: 1st place shared @vic2r @NinjaChess1
21/22 Club Championship: Champion: @Dark-Bi5hop ~ Runner-Up: @Windrunner315
22/23 Club Championship: Champion: @Murphy_the_Irish_red ~ Runner-Up: @J3742
23/24 Club Championship: Champion: @Murphy_the_Irish_red ~ Runner-Up: @susmate

THINK Classical Championship

2021: Champion: @chessmessi14 ~ Runner-Up: @Jeremyisfishing
2022: Champion: @royalblue04 ~ Runner-Up: @Windrunner315
2023: Champion: @Murphy_the_Irish_red ~ Runner-Up: @J3742
2024: Classical Championship: 3rd Rd in progress

THINK Classical Leagues

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S1League One Champion: @Akarsh_2010 ~ Runner-Up: @JeremyIsFishing
S1League Two Champion: @susmate ~ Runner-Up: @EnglishSpaniel
S1League Three Champion: @ma_ehy ~ Runner-Up: @coolchesscat1

2023 THINK Rapid Championship

Champion: @Dark-Bi5hop ~ Runner-Up: @Santiagodm

2023 THINK Blitz Championship

Winner: NM @tobyrizzo ~ Runner-Up: @Ben10Tenyson

2023 THINK Bullet Championship

Winner: @the_puzzles ~ Runner-Up: @Santiagodm

THINK Correspondence Championships

4th THINK Correspondence Championships Spring 2024 In progress

Autumn 2023:
Champion: @Murphy_the_Irish_red Joint Runners-Up: @King0fBlunder and @iancmason

Winter 2022-2023:
Champion: @Murphy_the_Irish_red Runner-Up: @TeenageDimwit 3rd Place: @Kempere

Spring/Summer 2023:
Champion: @Murphy_the_Irish_red Runner-Up: @TeenageDimwit 3rd Place: @iancmason

Variants Competition Winners

Halloween Winner: @Murphy_the_Irish_red
Christmas Winner: @orim15
Good-Ship THINK Winner: @Murphy_the_irish_red

THINK Liga Troops

All-time Liga Troops Leaderboard

  1. @J3742
  2. @Illuin
  3. @Murphy_the_irish_red
  4. @Jeremyisfishing
  5. @Royalblue04

Support the team by participating in the Lichess Liga every Thursday and Sunday.

Brainbox Challenge XXXI

Winners: @orim15 and @Licht


The team forum answers most questions!
Leaders are happy to answer any queries!

@JeremyIsFishing - Team Management
@QueenRosieMary - Correspondence Championships / Simuls / Rapid League / THINK ZH
@Rankrotten - Club Championships/Brainbox Challenge/Forum
@EnglishSpaniel - Events/Arena's/Forum
@vic2r - Thematic Battles and Competitions
@jon112211 - THINK CHESS OFFICIAL Discord Server


7th U1900 Classical Arena Team Battle30+20 • Classical • Rated • 3h 30mBattle of 48 teams
Lichess Liga 7C Team Battle3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 40mBattle of 10 teams
82nd Rapid League 3C Team Battle10+0 • Rapid • Rated • 2hBattle of 10 teams
Maratón Liga América 2024.F8 Team Battle3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 12hBattle of 121 teams
7th U1800 Rapid Arena Team Battle15+10 • Rapid • Rated • 3hBattle of 36 teams