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Welcome to TEXAS.


Sun. • TEXAS STAR • Casual • 4+2 • BLITZ • 7:00PM • 45M


MON. • TEXAS ARMADILLO • 7+2 • 7:00 PM

Tue, • TEXAS TWO STEP or Funky 4 or Crazy 8 or G.O.A.T.
FUNKY 4 TUES, 4/23. 7pm
FUNKY 4 part 1 • CRAZYHOUSE • 3+2 •
FUNKY 4 part 2 • THREE-CHECK • 3+2 •
FUNKY 4 part 3 • ATOMIC • 3+2 •
FUNKY 4 part 4 • RACING KINGS • 3+2

Wed • TEXAS CACTUS LEAGUE •7:05 PM • 7+2 • RAPID • 55M





Sat. TEXAS VS ___________________
7+2 • RAPID • 1H 40M • Casual •
The winner will be the total team points of the 1st 10 players. Players who play on both teams points will count for both teams. It is ok for players to resign to teammates. It wont be a lichess rule violation , because it won't be inflating a players rating in a casual non rated game.
Try the mate in 1 challenge
Location: Everywhere - ".....TEXAS is a state of mind...." - John Steinbeck

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  1. TEXAS Six Shooter winners video Obscure_Hombre

    also grats to Slothie 2nd and bwalmer 3rd.

  2. TEXAS Six Shooter winners video Obscure_Hombre

    Congrats to Aurorachess11 for winning.

  3. TEXAS ARMADILLO New Openings winners video, Obscure_Hombre

    Congrats to ChuckmateNorris for winning, Of course since it was the scotch game , then the winners vid should be Scottish music. Obviously that means bag pipes. So maybe AC/DC its a long way to the

  4. Congrats Texas Tech Obscure_Hombre

    Well TECH lost in OT. : ( They can be proud though they were the best team from Texas Since Phi Slama Jama. Who had Hakeem the dream!

  5. Congrats Texas Tech Obscure_Hombre

    Congrats Texas Tech on your 61-51 win over Michigan State.

  6. New TEXAS CACTUS LEAGUE winners video Obscure_Hombre

    CONGRATS to Grimmstar on winning. Results: usually the video is the Pixies Cactus Song. but we've used all the versions of it several times. so i chose anothe

  7. Agadmator is one of my favorite chess commentators Obscure_Hombre

    A very inspiring story about overcoming adversity.

  8. Agadmator is one of my favorite chess commentators Obscure_Hombre

  9. The G.O.A.T. winners video Obscure_Hombre

    Congrats to rookceps for winning the G.O.A.T THE GREATEST OF ALL TIMES Other top players Bullet 1 Taxman70 2 AustinL0926 3 fleshlumpeater51 BLITZ 1 runtilmorrow 2 rookceps

  10. BANG BANG BANG BANG winners video Obscure_Hombre

    Congrats to runtilmorrow on winning Results: and Rookceps 2nd Peapor 1972 3rd

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