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Welcome to TEXAS.

Weekly Calendar

Sun. TEXAS STAR • Casual • 4+2 • BLITZ •7:05 • 45M

7+2 • RAPID • 55M • Casual • 7:05 PM


Tue, CRAZY 8
@ 7:30 PM • CHESS960 •
@ 8 PM • KOTH •
@ 8:30 PM •Three check •
@ 9 PM • Antichess •
@ 9:30 PM • Atomic •
@10 PM • HORDE •
@10:30 pm • Racing Kings •

Wed • TEXAS CACTUS LEAGUE •7:00 PM • 7+2 • RAPID • 55M


Sat. 2/16 TEXAS VS The Conquerers
7+2 • RAPID • 1H 40M • Casual • Feb 16, 9:00 PM (2/17 9am for many of them)
Password: Team
This event has gotten a little crazy, there are a fair number of interlopers, all we can do is weed out their points. Might be hard to do and might be hard to figure their effects on streaks, but we will do our best to sort it out. Please lets all turn out and make a great showing as a team despite this.

Sat. TEXAS VS Raphdel2007 fanclub TEAM
7+2 • RAPID • 1H 40M • Casual • Feb 9, 5:00 PM
Password: Team
-- ON HOLD--

The winner will be the total team points of the 1st 10 players. Players who play on both teams points will count for both teams. It is ok for players to resign to teammates. It wont be a lichess rule violation , because it won't be inflating a players rating in a casual non rated game.

also i've contacted 10 others with hopes of making it a regular event. Maybe even an informal league

------------HOPE EVERYONE CAN COME HELP THE TEAM. ============

Location: Everywhere - ".....TEXAS is a state of mind...." - John Steinbeck

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  1. Welcome Obscure_Hombre

    Welcome Goncharenko_Georg so glad you choose us.

  2. Welcome Obscure_Hombre

    Welcome Mikhail_Dzenisenia , Jserious , Kosonogov010 , and Valeria_Kolos so Glad you joined us,

  3. Welcome Obscure_Hombre

    Welcome Michail0703, serghvv , and Tsar_vsey_Rusi thank you for joining.

  4. Welcome Obscure_Hombre

    Welcome Stormy glad you joined up.

  5. TEXAS VS xxxxxxxxxxxx winners video Obscure_Hombre

    we won again 44-17 though it was a poor turnout for both teams. hopefully we can turn out for these team vs team match ups -- may try different days and times - message me if you have a preference.

  6. Welcome Obscure_Hombre

    Welcome fleshlumpeater51 glad you joined us.

  7. TEXAS VS xxxxxxxxxxxx winners video BlackBishop9319

    we may have more points, but #1 place is taken by kool and the gang. Sorry I couldn't play in it.

  8. TEXAS VS xxxxxxxxxxxx winners video iarias

    Thank you and I am glad that Texas wins. I could not keep playing, maybe I would have left first, but something helped my participation.

  9. TEXAS VS xxxxxxxxxxxx winners video milexentex

    Jajajaja great song for that win!! Congratulations to us!! another one bites the dust..... another one bites the dust...

  10. Welcome Obscure_Hombre

    welcome Pushed pawn great to have you with us

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