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Study creators TEAM


Everyone who made at least one study is welcome to join this team, in which we will be analysing chess games, talking about them, ect.

So please join
Location: Lichess

Forum (20)

  1. even more studys USBdriveCAR

  2. Trollology runtilmorrow

    Your Pre test is here! Do your worst!!! (no seriously")

  3. Ideas? runtilmorrow

    Anyone come with any .... let's say, unique ideas for a study? This excludes openings, endgames, tactics, and anything similar. I think the studies that are currently hot, I've seen the same thing mul

  4. Cool stalemate USBdriveCAR


  5. new study Arjandv

    the openings of the members

  6. new study MatthewPro777

    Firstly about what will this study?

  7. new study Arjandv

    who make it

  8. new study redhorse989

    Good ideea

  9. new study raphdel2007

    why not ?

  10. new study Arjandv

    lets make a new study with the whole team

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