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S-Chess Club TEAM

A hub for discussing S-Chess, a variant created by Yasser Seirawan implementing B+N and R+N pieces.

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  1. Schess on gbtami

    We have :)

  2. Schess on ijh

    We have a Lichess Bughouse team ( but why don't we have a Lichess Schess team? We need this great variant to be implemented on lichess!

  3. - S-Chess built using the lichess board interface lilyhollow

    This is great!

  4. - S-Chess built using the lichess board interface Hyzer I made this so people can play S-Chess in the meantime before lichess implements it properly. It's still in early development but it seems pretty stable. Message me on liches

  5. S-Chess Saturdays on johnnyvf24

    I suggest playing S-Chess on I am trying to get a user base of players so that we always have someone to play against. If anyone needs an opponent message me here on lichess. My userna

  6. S-Chess Saturdays on ianremsen

    I wanna set up a time where we all get together and play s-chess, since the audience isn't quite at the critical mass where getting random pairings is reasonable. I'm proposing 19:00 UTC (14:00 EST, 1

  7. S-Chess Information Resource Toadofsky

    Thanks. If anyone has difficulty examining games on please try using HGM's WinBoard alpha build!

  8. S-Chess Information Resource ianremsen

    Here's basically all the links I can find related to S-Chess. https://en.wikipe

  9. S-Chess Club forum lichess

    Welcome to the S-Chess Club forum! Only members of the team can post here, but everybody can read.

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