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Racing Kings University TEAM

All you need to know about Racing Kings.

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  1. Racing Kings Tournament TheRacingProfessor

    I wish all of you best of luck, and if you haven't joined please do, you'll have fun regardless if you win or lose.

  2. Racing Kings Tournament TheRacingProfessor

    Thank you. There is more information available on the following link:

  3. Racing Kings Tournament eien

    (y) I'm in!

  4. Racing Kings Tournament pablito1970

    congratulation racing profesor is good your entusiam for racing king

  5. Racing Kings Tournament TheRacingProfessor

    Dear fellow variant enthusiasts, Over the past few weeks you have all been graciously pleased by my work on the study I was able to create during the past few months. I received many welcoming mess

  6. Racing Kings Study TheRacingProfessor

    In case you needed to know, there are more than fifty chapters, which can be accessed by clicking on the chapter button on the left panel. Each chapter is associated with a different opening.

  7. Racing Kings Study TheRacingProfessor

    After many months of extensive theorizing the most comprehensive Racing Kings Opening study has been compiled to help fellow players. I have provided many of the mainlines for each opening that was pr

  8. Racing Kings Openings TheRacingProfessor

    After extensive work on opening theory for the variant Racing Kings, a new and updated list of openings has been created. I took the time to associate opening moves with a given name and code. The cod

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