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I am Omar Dafquih, a Chess player, Game developer and a professional graphic designer.

I don't really remember when i started playing chess, but i wasn't taking it that serious till i watched a series in 2017 called " the mentalist ", it motivated me to get back to chess after watching an episode full of interesting chess.

Game dev was one of my dreams when i was a kid, i was always trying to understand how the hell a game can be made lol, after learning some programing languages it started getting clear... But programing wasn't every thing, i had to learn how to design, and this start was a big open door to a new world that i had creativity in.

I am always open to new things and experiences.

Currently studying maths ...

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Logo's Botola Team Battle3+0 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 30m5 teams battle
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