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Master Practice Team TEAM

Solid lichess players trying to move themselves into the elite level online and otb
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  1. Sharing games to study schittering06

    A good way to master your chess is by studying, I got the idea to make a new study with games from the master practice club including toughts from master practice club members. Let me know what you th

  2. Master Practice Group Tournament Minnesotablizzard

    78 members strong!

  3. Master Practice Group Tournament Minnesotablizzard

    Hello new members hope you can join tourney I can’t because I’m fasting from online games until june

  4. Master Practice Group Tournament LM mysterious_expert

  5. #6 Master Practice Tournament Minnesotablizzard

    Hf guys sry ill be missing the next couple due to otb but I will be back after next week to join in the fun. Hope u guys enjoy!

  6. #6 Master Practice Tournament LM mysterious_expert

    it's tomorrow! We have points now, an interesting feature.

  7. #6 Master Practice Tournament LM mysterious_expert Come join!

  8. Tournament LM mysterious_expert

    Not a lot of people voting for times. Maybe they will just join in the arenas. I think Saturday 10-11:30 works for me too

  9. Feature Suggestions vio7

    u should stream more often, maybe u could start live streaming the tournaments, i always like to watch the vods of streamers i played against.

  10. Feature Suggestions LM mysterious_expert

    Do you guys have any feature suggestions? We can make the tournaments more interesting using them. Mine for now are: Game of the week and the other one is the top 3 places getting points in the to

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