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33 members

Marathon Legend Lord_axe TEAM

Fan club of Lord_axe after all the followers I gained during the marathon playing 24 hour non stop and finishing 64th place with a 1800 rating
Location: Norway

Forum (19)

  1. Winter Marathon 2017 Larsgravd

    Good luck and best wishes, I will cheer for you!

  2. Winter Marathon 2017 Lord_axe

    Finally, I can confirm I gonna play at least 20hours of the Winter Marathon 28th December. Hopefully I will play all 24 hours but at least 20hours. Yet again the goal is to get top 100 and get that tr

  3. Autumn Marathon Larsgravd

    Good luck :)

  4. Autumn Marathon Lord_axe

    Finally lichess announced the autumn marathon to be played on 28 October! Still dont know if I can play all 24 hours but at least 15 ;) Here is the link to the tourney so you can play as well: ht

  5. Yearly SuperBlitz summary fiveTimes

    Well done, lord

  6. Yearly SuperBlitz summary Lord_axe

    Just finished the 5 hour long yearly superblitz! Sadly I lost the 1 hour because I was on a soccer training! Still I managed to get in 79 games (3rd most games of all players)! I beated many 2000 guys

  7. Marathon Legend Lord_axe forum rock303-berserk

    is it 1st, top 10, top 50, and top 100?

  8. Marathon Legend Lord_axe forum rock303-berserk

    what r the trophies

  9. Marathon Legend Lord_axe forum Benjamin628

    By then you should hope to be higher rated so you can finish top 50 or even top 25!

  10. Marathon Legend Lord_axe forum rock303-berserk

    I will go for 10 hrs if my parents let me

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