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Chess cool club

Chess-128 Team

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And of course, we stand with Ukraine.

We have the first team champion: JustCopperfish!
The second and reigning bullet chess champion Prospectari
the second, third, fourth, and current team champion Dude128

In the team championship:

in the first series, these were the final standings

1st Justcopperfish
2nd Destructor2011
3rd Dude128

in the second series, these were the final standings

1st Dude128
2nd Justcopperfish
3rd Chess_Is_Mean123

these are the final standings of Series three

1st Dude128
2nd Coolchesscat1
3rd Sanmita

***LFT Championship 4.0 final standings

1st Dude128
2nd Destructor2011
3rd cumulus200

The current championship bracket:

all title contenders throughout LFT History

Chess_Equals_Life 3rd place finisher

Justcopperfish the first LFT Champion

Destructor2011 two-time runner-up and reigning 3rd place

Dude128 three-time champion

coolchesscat1 runner-up

cumulus200 3rd place finisher

Sanmita 3rd place finisher

averagejedi currently leading a championship

complexs currently in 2nd


LFT Blitz Championship

Diablo4747 vs NonpareiI


CICL 1 Round 1 Team Battle60+30 • Classical • Rated • 12h27 teams battle
LFT Blitz Champs 2nd qualifier3+1 • Blitz • Rated5 rounds swiss
LFT Blitz Champs Qualifier 1 Arena3+1 • Blitz • Rated • 1h 30mInner team
Chess-128 is founded yahoooo Team Battle1+0 • Horde • Rated • 1h5 teams battle
Horde 5+0 Team Battle5+0 • Horde • Rated • 2h 30m13 teams battle


LFT Rapid ChampionshipDiablo4747 •

I am in , let's rock

LFT Rapid ChampionshipDude128 •

LFT Rapid ChampionshipBMV1951 •

"Я в"

LFT Rapid ChampionshipDude128 •

I am in

LFT Rapid ChampionshipDude128 •

Hello everyone! this event will have two rounds of two-game 10+2 matches. you have one week to schedule your match with your opponent from when you receive your pairings. This event starts Friday (Sep

Random LFT Games registrationDude128 •

nevermind this did not work lol

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