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Analyzers => Mezmer annoygenius Tae7 Ciraid RiotandCarngeISVenom
(They are not the only players who analyze games, but they are the most active ones)

No spamming, trolling, insulting, advertising, public shaming, or any other strictly unacceptable actions and/or behaviors, please!

If you are a new analyzer, please ask for feedback on your analysis, and one of our leaders will try to point out the excellent parts, and also point out the parts where you could've done better. The way you analyze is very important, as detailed explanations can help players tremendously.

️To all new members - please check out our FAQ page. Thanks :)
️All members are welcome to analyze others' games (even variants) in an instructive manner.
Please don't ask to be a leader. You may get promoted if you do very good analysis, but it really depends.

When requesting an analysis for your game:
Don’t request an analysis of very fast games (ultra-bullet, bullet or super-blitz).
Don't create a separate forum for posting your game.

️Variants that could be analyzed: Racing Kings, King of the Hill, Atomic, Three Check, Chess960, Antichess

If you are interested, put your desired game in our forums! Our diligent analyzers will get to you as soon as we can! An analysis will usually take a few hours or longer to publish depending on the quality and length of the game, and the number of other games in the queue.

️There are different forums for different types of games. If you won the game, lost the game, drew the game, or the game is a variant. This is to encourage players to not only post their won games, but also their lost and drawn games.

Games Analyzed: About 400 (Last Updated - October 1, 2021)

️If the comments appear negative please don’t take any offence! We try our best to give constructive feedback. If you have any inquiries or grievances, you can either text it in the chat or contact one of the leaders in private.

Members who have analyzed more than 20 games will receive a Chessable course of their choice ($5-15). For more info please contact Tae7


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